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How to Create a Welcoming Entryway

Today on the blog we’re talking about one of the most important spaces in your home: the entryway. Otherwise known as a foyer. Why is it so important? The entryway is the first impression that people get of both you and your home when they enter. Want people to feel welcomed into your home? Create a warm, welcoming entryway!

How do you make an entryway welcoming?

One of the first things to consider is the walls. There are a number of options to consider that include paint, wallpaper, woodwork or a combination of these. The foyer provides an opportunity to do something a bit different from the rest of the home, while still keeping the same general aesthetic feel.

Entryway with white walls and patterned wallpaper
This welcoming entryway incorporates a combination of wallpaper and woodwork. Designer unknown.

White entryway with vintage console and mirror
In this entry, a vintage console is both beautiful and functional.

Flooring is important too. If you already have hardwood or another flooring in place, a rug can add another layer and warmth and brighten the space, if desired. Just make sure it’s durable as it will get a fair amount of traffic!

White, welcoming entryway with white walls and bright rug
In this foyer a bright rug adds a punch of personality and color. Via

How do you style an entryway

One of the tricky things about designing a foyer is that it should be both beautiful and functional. While the space should be warm and inviting, it needs to get the job done too. Some things to consider or include for your foyer:

  • A console to anchor the space and use for storage

  • A bench to sit on to put shoes on

  • A mirror to glance at before you leave or when you arrive

  • A large basket or place to put shoes (if no closet)

  • A basket or bowl to place keys etc.

  • Umbrella stand

  • Lighting to create a welcoming feel

How do you style a small foyer

All of the items in your foyer should be appropriate in scale to the size of the room. Lucky enough to have a large foyer? Select larger, and more pieces. If your house has a tiny foyer space, consider a narrow console and a small scale rug. It’s a bit more challenging to decorate but can still be done! What if you don’t have a separate foyer space? Create one by including the elements listed above just inside your front door to give the illusion of a separate foyer space.

Entryway by Amber Interiors with vintage rug and high ceilings
A large entryway (above) designed by Amber Interiors makes use of the large space.

Cozy coastal entryway nook with shiplap, seascapes, and console
Kate Marker creates a cozy entryway nook in small space.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, personalize the space! This is the gateway to you and the rest of your home. Include art, photos, and objects that are meaningful to you and your family. This space should welcome your guests — and you as well!

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