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How to Decorate an All White Space

How Do You Make an All White Room Look Good?

Why are all white rooms so hard to design? Probably because white by itself is not always so interesting. While white is clean and crisp and fresh it can be a bit boring on its own. So today I’m going to run through some of my top designer tips on how to make an all white room look good.

White family room with black whicker console and framed map
We incorporated a mix of textures and bold colors to bring depth to this all white space.

How to Design an All White Room

Give your all white space some personality! By incorporating things that are meaningful to you, you can begin to personalize your all white space. Some examples of things to include:

  • Photo or art walls

  • Books

  • Objects that reflect you and your hobbies.

In this home, we framed a sheet of music that was near and dear to the homeowners’ heart. Growing up the wife loved to play classic pieces on the piano and now everyday when she walks by she is reminded of those wonderful childhood memories.

Black console with vintage art and framed music designed by Theo & Co Design
By Theo & Co Design

Another key to decorating an all white room is layering in texture. There are a number of simple ways to do this:

  • Include organic elements like plants and flowers.

  • Mix materials: using metals, woods, leather and different types of fabrics and textiles.

  • Mix wood tones: A great way to do this is if you have a darker wood floor, contrast with a lighter accent piece, like this chair from one of my favorite vendors, Selemat Designs

Wood chair by Selamat
One of my favorite trade vendors, Selemat, mixing wood tones

White neutral kitchen with round table and chairs
Great use of contrasting color in this white space designed by @mlhelmkampf

Finally, add contrast by using pops of color here and there, or mix in black to to add elegance and warmth.

All white entryway with vintage rug
Beautiful all white space with pops of color by Kate Marker Interiors

Beach house interior by Theo & Co Design in Solomon's Island, MD
In this all white space, we incorporated texture and a bit of color to add depth to this beach house room.

Are White Walls in for 2021?

While they are not the current top trend for 2021, you can never go wrong with white walls. They’re classic and here to stay! Timeless style is a defining characteristic of Theo and Co’s aesthetic and it’s so easily achieved in all-white spaces.

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